Celebrity is problematic

This can have problems that are in fact polar opposites, and they can in fact happen at the same time. One one side we have vilification, often far beyond what could possibly be reasonable. Remember, we're talking about human beings who make mistakes, who sometimes have nothing to give. It's not fair to dogpile on someone who is already doing it tough, no matter how much celebrity they are seen to have, no matter how perfect you believe they should be because the truth of the matter is that they are not perfect. The flip side of this is the complete denial that our idol could possibly do such a thing. Yes, it's important to defend and trust those we care about and those we respect, but we need to be a bit realistic in this, and it comes back to the same point. Human, imperfect.

As a community, we need to find that middle ground between the two, we need to accept that everyone in the community, no matter how visible are going to make mistakes. We need to hold them and ourselves accountable for all actions, but we also need to do so within reason. It's not fair to expect perfection from anyone.