Dear Fat People,


There is a video gaining a lot of attention on YouTube at the moment which is directed at fat people. While i'm not going to link to that video, you can check out these response videos from Ashley Mardell and Meghan Tonjes. The following is what i want to say to other fat people.

Dear Fat People, 

There's a lot of pressure in this world to be thin, to be beautiful, to be perfect. Whether or not you buy into this, the first thing you need to do is love and accept your body. This will help you deal with the way the world looks at you if you choose not to loose weight.

The other key thing that it will do if you are trying to loose weight is that it will help. If you love and accept your body, you'll be more inclined to look after it! And, yes! That is going to help you lose weight.

But whichever camp you're currently in, it is so so important that you love and accept yourself, and don't let fat shaming and societal standards make you hate yourself or feel like crap.




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