[From the Vault] Help! My Knitter Spends a Fortune!

As a knitter we’re prone to spending quite a bit of money on needles, yarn, and various other tools. You might notice that you (pet?) knitter has several sets of needles of sizes that are almost the same size, or indeed the same size in various or even the same materials, then there’s the totally incomprehensible extra tools that make no sense to the non-knitter (yarn gauges, anyone?), not to mention the ever-growing stash of yarns and fibers (if your knitter also likes to spin) that seem to grow of their own accord when you’re not looking. It’s enough to make the average non-knitter go grey with worry… or bankrupt.

So what’s it all about?

Like with tattoos and most hobbies knitting is something where you very much get what you pay for. the better the quality of all the elements involved, the better the finished product. Then there’s an element of certain material for certain projects… i personally prefer knit pro wooden circular needles (i like the interchangeables and the fixed) for everything, but some knitters prefer metal, acrylic or wood depending on the project in question. Sizes in needles can effect the size of a finished project even with a difference of .25mm in size, and effect it enough to change the drape and fit of an item drastically. much like a painter having different brushes for different effects.

So please try not to worry too much about your knitter’s spending and try to remember the joy they get out of their craft has a much greater value than the money spent, and keep in mind the hand knitted gifts that will come your way will blow your mind.

(yes this might be me justifying more knitting purchases!

things bought in the last month:

  • 2 x row counters
  • 1 x yarn gauge
  • 1 x 2mm (100cm long) knit pro circular needle
  • 1 x set of knit pro wooden cable needles
  • 1 x DMC Vintage-style needle case.


This post is from my old blog, it was originally posted on February 11th, 2012.