[From the Vault] Guidelines for being welcome in my life/home [Updated]

Those who need to read this probably never will. but those of you who do read it, might take away something to use in your own lives. so here goes:

  • my Husband/Master is the light of my life, He is my rock. if you cannot at least be civil/respectful to and about Him, i don’t want you around.
  • The above applies to ex-partners i am still friendly with.
  • The above also applies to my family and chosen family. if you have a pass on this one, you’ll know about it. do not assume. this also applies to my Master’s families (chosen and bio).
  • Your religion may work for you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean i want to hear about it. If i want to, i’ll ask.
  • BDSM and Gor are part of my life. If you do not agree with aspects of this, that's fine. But respect that it is part of who i am.
  • There is no place in my life or home for racism, sexism, whorephobia, rape apologism, victim blaming, oversexualisation, desexualsation, transphobia, fatshaming, thinshaming or general bigotry based on any form of religion, gender, or other belief. those supporting harmful beliefs will be asked to leave, but will not be treated in a harmful fashion.
  • Objects brought into my home should be useful, beautiful or both. be they gifts or things of your own that will leave with you.
  • Laughter is encouraged, music is required. Food will be judged on how happy and content it makes the eater. Cuddles are ALWAYS a good thing.
  • All animals should be treated with respect. Yes, even that spider you have to kill because it terrifies you – do it as quickly and painlessly as you can. Yes, even the magpies auditioning for a remake of a certain Alfred Hitchcock film in my front yard.
  • When i am particularly unwell, either physically or mentally, i may drift away. This is not rejection. When i am doing better, i shall drift right back. It’s simply not fair on either of us to try to deal with my issues at their worst AND try to communicate.

That’s pretty much it. hopefully this makes sense!

This post is from my old blog, it was originally posted on October 15th, 2013. It was updated on February 10th, 2015 to reflect some changes in my life and beliefs. For those interested, the original text can be found on the wayback machine archive here (third post down).