Health Problems. Yay...

The Story So Far...

As some of you know i had surgery last year to remove a uterine fibroid. Don't worry i won't go into detail about that. But that was about July last year. Since then i've had several problems develop.

  • Fatigue that has never gone away, and has in fact worsened.
  • Blood sugar issues that lead to a diabetes misdiagnosis
  • Erratic Appetite that swings from not wanting to eat to being ravenous
  • Severe food cravings for sweet or salty foods.

In this time i've also started to gain back the weight i lost, part of this will be the way i've been eating, but being unable to go to the gym and sleeping constantly won't be helping matters. We've managed to rule out several things and i'm currently waiting to see a specialist for a second opinion but am yet to get an appointment. The whole process is frustrating and kind of depressing and the only thing that has been done so far is that has actually happened is that my psychiatrist has increased my antidepressant.

All this has really done is improve my mood about being so tired and gradually make my brain more alert. Body is still bone tired and i still want to sleep all the sleep. Hopefully there will be more news soon.

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