Thoughts: Mental Illness. (AKA i'm sorry)

i've been pretty quiet here for a long time. oh, who am i kidding? a lot of you probably thought this blog has been abandoned. the truth isn't quite that simple. i speak often about the need to be open about mental illness, and how that openness can help can fight the stigma that all of us who suffer from mental illness face. 

but i haven't really been practicing what i preach when it comes to this blog. and i want to apologise to you all sincerely for that. and i want to do better. i've had a post idea stewing for a while that's nearly come together and should start being written soon, but for the time being, how about we have a chat about how we're all doing.

since i came up with the idea and because being a blog, i kinda have to post for a conversation to start, i guess i'll go first. 

lately i've been dealing with a lot going on in my head. mostly anxiety related, i think. senses heightened from their usual ASD-induced 11 to a constant 15 (yes, out of 10). rage flashes when even the smallest thing goes wrong - and it's all i can do not to explode. plus, i don't trust anyone at the moment. this last one has eased a bit over the past week, but life is tough. but i've realised that not talking about it isn't helping me, it isn't helping any of you and its not true to my beliefs. so, i'm going to try to do better on that count. and i really want to hear how you are all doing.