On being Trans, stealth.

Okay, deep breaths, my parents both know and have taken it well so here goes... everything? Yes, i am transgendered, specifically non binary or gender fluid. Pronouns will remain she/her as this is how i largely present and because it is fitting for other elements of my lifestyle - something i won't go into in this post. Of course, some of you know, my trans siblings largely know. But i want to talk about why i've not told some people. About why some trans people choose to be "stealth".


Society at large focuses very much on a gender binary. Male and female, and to be any type of trans, be it mtf, ftm or outside the binary, we challenge that binary just by existing and some find this threatening, from a simple level of discomfort to sometimes extreme violent reactions. This is something that puts our lives at risk. While i can't be sure what the risk is for people like me there's still a lot of fear. The amount of time i spend afraid that the next trans death will be someone i know directly, or someone they know directly is really huge. Truth is i love all my trans siblings, whether i've met them yet or not, and each loss hurts.

So this is me. Out. If you're wondering how to be a good ally? Here's a wonderful video that may answer a lot of your questions. Any others? feel free to ask me.