On my shitty town and the anti-mosque protests

Well, it must be a day ending in "y" because once again i'm angry. (What a surprise!) The fuss in Bendigo over the proposed mosque absolutely disgusts me! This is a town with approximately 50 christian/catholic/similar churches and there are people who have the cheek to say that ONE mosque is "forcing their religion down our throats". Pot, kettle, black much? 

We live in a country that used to be so proud to be multicultural, a country that celebrated he melting pot! No one protested the building of The Great Stupa, no one bats an eyelid when a new church is built. The only possible explanation for this reaction is bigotry and islamophobia. This is totally disgusting behaviour, this is not okay. There is no reasonable justification for denying people their place of worship simply because their beliefs do not match yours. Hell, if your beliefs are that fragile that another faith having ONE place of worship is a threat to you, then you might want to look at yourself.

The other squawking is the fairly obvious "terrorist threat" bullshit that follows muslims everywhere. Bendigo has a strong muslim community, both in the medical community and as students at La Trobe University. Nothing's blown up yet! It's beyond me how anyone could imagine a simple place of worship changing that.

Personally i'm very much in favour of this mosque and excited to see it built. As far as i'm concerned those against it need to sit the hell down and shut up.