On Violent Protest

It's been a topic for debate for a while but tonight i've seen two memes on the topic, and they piss me off. Here they are:

These images piss me off on a couple of levels, the first is notice that both portray people of colour? This editorial on CNN covers it well, so i won't rehash it.

The other problem is that this is an attempt to dictate how people speak out or protest. Looting is a whole other matter and usually the activity of opportunists. Rioting, however, is often a form of angry protest employed when all forms of peaceful protest have been exhausted. 

These are frustrated, disenfranchised, vulnerable people who have gotten to the point where they believe no one is listening. It is not okay to withdraw vital supports because you disagree with their methods. It is not okay to tell them that because another person protested in another way successfully, their methods are invalid.

You have every right to disagree with their methods, you have every right to choose your own protest methods, but despite what many people would like to believe. Violence sometimes is the answer.