Why i write...

Wow, what a complicated thing to answer... But i guess i should limit it to the three main reasons.

1. A Coping Mechanism

Like many people i battle anxiety and depression, it's not an easy battle, but writing and expressing myself through the written word helps. Writing out my anger, my frustration, my fascination, and my various thoughts on the world helps me to deal with a world that often times makes no sense to me. It also distracts me from the chaotic sensory torture i deal with every day due to being on the autism spectrum.

2. To Communicate and Engage.

This one is rather frustrating for me due to such a small readership at this stage, and is going to sound somewhat presumptuous. But i feel like i have something to say to the world, and i want a chance to say it, and to hear what people have to say in return. The amount of time i spend frustrated by like buttons is getting a little silly, admittedly they are a form of engagement, but i don't want to just know what my readers "like" my work, i want to know what they do and don't like. What they think about the topics i discuss. It means so much to me when people strike up a conversation about a blog post. While i'm aware that it takes time to build up the sort of readership that is going to get that sort of deep engagement, it's something that's very important to me.

3. (Hopefully) Income.

Currently i am on disability, income is tight, and due to the disabilities i have, most forms of work aren't an option. But writing is something i can do fairly easily and comfortably. It would do me so much good to earn enough money from my writing to not be "wealthy", but to not worry about paying my next bill or for my medication and to ideally earn enough for the Love of my life and i to be in the same place. Okay, i'm fully aware that this isn't completely feasible through Patreon alone, but an increased readership could also gain attention from other sites i could write for.

Of course, you're probably now asking why i'm telling you all this. It's because i have some requests for those of you who do read this.

  1. Comment - anything you want to tell me about the post - Do you like/dislike my view on the topic? Do you want to explore it with me some more? Do you have a suggestion for a related topic you think i might like to explore and write on? Comment on the blog, on the Facebook or G+ pages, or tweet me.
  2. Share - Like the post? Know someone who might get something out of it? Share it on anywhere and everywhere you choose to!
  3. Support - If you so choose and can afford to, support me on patreon, as little or as much as you chose/can afford. You could also send people who may be interested in hiring me for their own sites this way so that they can have a look at my style.
  4. Ideas - If you have any further ideas how i could get this blog some more attention or get reliable work righting in my own style, let me know!

photo credit: Quill via photopin (license)

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