#thedungeon on dftba.net

#thedungeon is a primarily Gorean irc channel run on the Nerdfightera Network. The channel is run by Hellhound and His kajira, desikitteh{HH}. Network rules must be obeyed in this channel along with the following:

  1. This channel is strictly 18+
  2. This is NOT a network run channel, access to the network does not automatically mean you will be welcome in the channel.
  3. This channel is Hound and desi's Home Stone, and thus Gorean beliefs must be respected.
  4. Being Gorean is not a requirement, we welcome the curious and the open minded.
  5. It is important to note that desi, being kajira, is technically not allowed to teach and thus may be unable to answer some questions. Where possible she will answer or offer sources. If she is unable to, she will refer you to Hellhound for further information.
  6. desi is to be considered white silks as she is still in training. this also means hands off.